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Corrugated Paper Box Printing Machine Flexo Printing Slotter Die Cutter

China Guangzhou HS Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou HS Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
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Corrugated Paper Box Printing Machine Flexo Printing Slotter Die Cutter

Corrugated Paper Box Printing Machine Flexo Printing Slotter Die Cutter
Corrugated Paper Box Printing Machine Flexo Printing Slotter Die Cutter

Large Image :  Corrugated Paper Box Printing Machine Flexo Printing Slotter Die Cutter

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HS
Certification: CE
Model Number: 1600x2800
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD
Packaging Details: plastic film
Delivery Time: 100 -140days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 20 units/month

Corrugated Paper Box Printing Machine Flexo Printing Slotter Die Cutter

Type: Corrugated Carton Box Making Machine Product Name: Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Carton Box Making Machine
Name: Carton Box Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter Stacker Machine Machine Type: Corrugated Board Carton Printing Machine
Product Type: Paper Box Making Machine Key Words: Paper Corrugation Cardboard Production Line
Application: Carton Box Making Machine Ink Type: Water Based Ink
Function: For Paper Corrugation Usage: Carton Printing Machine
Printing: Flexo Printing
High Light:

Corrugated Paper Box Printing Machine


Paper Box Printing Machine Flexo

                                    Cardboard Box Printing Machine paper box printing machine 1628




 Technical parameters :


1. Control system: Delta PLC, production order can be saved and recalled to save changing time. Memorize system for easy operation and maintenance.

2. Double servo feeding system, each row of feeding wheels is driven by independent servo motor, high precision and low noise, non-feeding rollers in feeder to prevent the corrugated wave from damaging.

3.  Printing: Adopt famous brand anilox roll and rubber roll to ensure high-quality printing.

4. Slotter: computerized control the box length, width and box height, fast and convenient.

5. Die cutter: independent engine drive controlled by KEB servo system from Germany to ensure the die cutting accuracy.

Surface speed compensation system. Die cylinder shifts when running to prolong the life of rubber anvil.

6.  Gears are made of high-quality chrome steel, heat treated and grinded to ensure the high stability and precision.




Standard equipments:

A. Independent Lead Edge Feeder;

B. printers 

C. motorized slotter

D. RotaryDie Cutter with auto trimming device;

E. Auto Stacker 

Model 1600x2800
Machine Speed(m/min) 180
Machine Max.speed (pcs/min) 150
Machine Max.feeder Size(mm) 1600x2800
Machine min.feeder Size(mm) 450x760
Machine Max. printer size (mm) 1600x2700
thick of printer Plate(mm) 7.2
Max. slotter Dep (mm) 560
Max. Thickness of Sheet(mm) 15

Machine size (LxWxH)



Corrugated Paper Box Printing Machine Flexo Printing Slotter Die Cutter 0

How does a rotary die cutter work?

The Technology behind the Rotary Die Cutter

The rotary die cutter is a highly advanced piece of technology that has revolutionized the production of products that require precision cutting. The machine has a motor that powers its cylindrical die, which is made up of a steel rod that is circular in shape. The die is loaded with a series of sharp blades that are positioned in a specific pattern and are designed to cut out the desired shape accurately.

The materials are fed into the machine using a conveyor belt system, and once they are in position, the cylindrical die gets into action, rotating at high speed. The blades on the die press onto the material, cutting out the desired shapes, and producing an accurate and clean cut. Depending on the size and complexity of the cut, the machine can make hundreds or even thousands of cuts in a matter of seconds.


Lead Edge Feeder


1. Front-edge paper feeding system, suction assisted paper feeding, equipped with a fan, can adjust the air volume according to the different bending conditions of the cardboard to ensure smooth paper feeding. (Valve adjusts air volume)

2. Sheet feeding device. (Continuous and interleaved paper feeding can be selected according to needs)

3. The paper feed counter is set and displays the production quantity.

4. Equipped with a dust removal device, which can remove impurities on the printing surface of the cardboard and improve the printing quality.

5. Interleaved paper feeding device (continuous or interleaved feeding as required)

6. The upper shaft of the paper feed is wrapped with wear-resistant rubber, and it is balanced and adjusted without damaging the corrugated strength.

7. The lower feed roller is embossed and plated with hard chrome.


Features of printing units

                                                                  Corrugated Paper Box Printing Machine Flexo Printing Slotter Die Cutter 1


1. All the rolls and shafts are made of high quality steel, with the treatment of dynamic balance correction, grinding and chromeplated.

2.The printing phase position is and horizontal movement controlled automatically by touch screen with digital display, the phase position could be adjusted CW or CCW easily with 360 degree because of the equipping of PLC and planetary gearingmechanism.

3. Equipped with ink quantity monitoring system, the machine will alarm when out of ink, and stop feedingcardboard.

4. The printing plate is hanged by the hanging plate device, the printing roll is able to clockwise rotate and counter clockwise rotate which controlled by the foot switch, it's very convenient for installation and dismounting of printingplate.

5. Manualgapadjustmentvia wormreducer withgraduateddialindicationsuchasgap betweenrubberrollandaniloxroll,gap betweenaniloxrollandprintingrolletc.

6. Equipped with electromagnetic clutch break system to fix the printing phase, when separate the printing unit for adjusting the printing phase, the break system will prevent the gear move, keep the originalposition.


Features of slotting unit

1. Text encoder and electric button dual systems control the printing phase and axial position; the plate roller has the function of automatically resetting the wipe memory;

2. Each color group is equipped with an emergency stop protection switch to ensure the safety of operators;

3. The pressure of the plate roller vacuum bellows is electrically adjusted, and the suction pressure can be adjusted in sections;

4. The printing phase is equipped with an electromagnetic clutch brake mechanism, and the gear position is automatically locked when the machine is separated to prevent the zero position of the plate roller from being lost;

5. The pedal switch of the printing plate device can quickly hang and adjust the plate, which is convenient for plate changing and scrubbing, and the operation is simplified;

6. Customers with additional paper feeding roller mechanism can choose vacuum adsorption paper feeding and roller transmission according to specific products, which saves energy and reduces consumption;


                               Corrugated Paper Box Printing Machine Flexo Printing Slotter Die Cutter 2


Features for Rotary Die Cutting Unit


1. The rubber cushion roller.
2. The rubber cushion roller is steel material,the surface is grinded and hard chromium plating.
3. The rubber cushion roller after balance correction.
4. Rubber cushion adopt fastening-type excellent rubber.Easy to install and uninstall. Long service life,can be cutted 4million to 6million times.
5. Adopting mechanical control the position move left and right of the rubber cushion roller.The movement distance is 40mm. This structure makes the rubber covers equally wear,which can increase the use time.
6. The automatic Pneumatic control Up-down device of the rubber cushion roller is synchronous with the cardboard feeding system.(when the cardboard is fed,the rubber cushion roller is go down and cut the cardboard,when cardboard feeding is stop,the rubber cushion roller will go up and separated from the die. )
7. The unique speed compensation device can make the fine rubber cushion roller rolling running with the die,no matter how the diameter of the rubber cushion changed,the surface speed of the rubber cushion is completely controlled by the die.This could make the shape of the carton sheet absolutely equal to the die pattern without people operation.


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Advantages of Using a Rotary Die Cutter

There are several advantages of using a rotary die cutter in the manufacturing industry, which include:

1. High Precision Cutting: The rotary die cutter is highly precise and accurate when it comes to cutting out shapes from different materials. The machine can produce cuts as small as 0.01mm, making it ideal for products that require highly accurate and precise cuts such as medical products, electronics, and automotive parts.

2. Fast and Efficient: Rotary die cutters are incredibly fast and efficient, making them ideal for high volume production. The machine can make thousands of cuts in a matter of seconds, which helps to minimize production time and costs significantly.

3. Versatility: The machine can be used to cut out different shapes and sizes from a wide range of materials. This versatility makes the rotary die cutter ideal for a wide range of industries, including packaging, printing, healthcare, and automotive.

4. Reduced Waste: The machine produces very little waste material, making it ideal for companies looking to minimize their environmental impact. The blades on the die are precisely positioned, ensuring that the cuts are accurate, reducing the amount of material wasted during the production process.



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