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Jumbo Corrugated Carton Folder Gluer Machine Inline Automatic Printer

China Guangzhou HS Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
China Guangzhou HS Machinery Co., Ltd. certification
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Jumbo Corrugated Carton Folder Gluer Machine Inline Automatic Printer

Jumbo Corrugated Carton Folder Gluer Machine Inline Automatic Printer
Jumbo Corrugated Carton Folder Gluer Machine Inline Automatic Printer

Large Image :  Jumbo Corrugated Carton Folder Gluer Machine Inline Automatic Printer

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HS
Certification: CE
Model Number: 1600x3600
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD
Packaging Details: plastic film
Delivery Time: 100 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 20 units/month

Jumbo Corrugated Carton Folder Gluer Machine Inline Automatic Printer

Type: Automatic Flexo Printing Product Name: Printing Paper Box
Name: Box Making Machines And Carton Paper Making Machine Machine Type: Corrugated Paperboard Making Machine
Usage: Corrugated Box Product Type: Paper Box Making Machine
Key Words: Paper Corrugation Cardboard Production Line Application: Packing Box For All Different Cartons
Color: Any Color Processing Type: Box Making Machines
Plate Type: Flexo Ink Printing Function: Making The Corrugated Paperboard Sheet
Item: Custom Product Packaging Boxes
High Light:

Corrugated Carton Folder Gluer Machine


Carton Folder Gluer Machine


Corrugated Folder Gluer Machine

 Carton Box Making Machine Jumbo Automatic Carton Printer Inline Folder Gluer






Machine composition and operation principle

Functions and Features:

1. Connect with printing machine, make printing, slotting, die-cutting, gluing, folding, Calibration, counting, palletizing, packing, output.

2. The maximum production line speed is 200m/min.

3. Whole machine online control, computer storage order, remote control operation, digital input.

4. Key transmission purchases imported brand bearings, high-speed transmission belts,

5. The power of the glue box part: 8kw, the packing part: 2kw

6. Stick box part: 10*2.5 meters. Packing department: 4*2 meters

7. Gluing part: stainless steel gluing wheel, corrosion-resistant, uniform gluing,

8. Electrical appliances: all use international top brands, stable and reliable quality


the working principle of the machine: the glue box and the printing die-cutting part are connected, used and run synchronously, so that the printed, die-cut or slotted cardboard can smoothly enter the glue box, the baler is connected with the glue box, and when the cardboard is coated glue,

Folding, correcting, stacking and transporting to the baler, the baler has a photoelectric sensor to sense and transmit the signal to the plc, and the plc controls the operation of each part of the baler.

Optional parts of the machine:

1.  Automatically supply glue, circulate glue, never break glue, no need to manually add glue, saving time and effort. Applicable to all kinds of glue.

2. Stainless steel gluing wheel, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, uniform gluing, saving glue, the amount of glue used is about one third of that of manual gluing.

3. The folding part is equipped with an adjustable multi-channel crimping wheel set, which makes the folding of the carton smoother and the bonding more beautiful and accurate.

4. The carton stacking correction in the counting department, the stacking and output are safe and stable, accurate and error-free, digital control, easy to operate, and can be input without stopping.


Standard equipments:

A. Independent Lead Edge Feeder;

B. printers with chrome anilox rollers

C. motorized slotter

D. RotaryDie Cutter with auto trimming device;

E. Inline Folder Gluer Machine

F. Inline PP tape auto binding machine

Model 1600x3600 jumbo



1800x3600jumbo 2200*3600 jumbo 2200*4000 jumbo 2200*4600 jumbo 2600*3600 jumbo
Machine Speed(m/min) 150



150 120 100 80 80
Machine Max.speed (pcs/min) 110





100 80 60 60
Machine Max.feeder Size(mm) 1500x3600





2000x3600 2100x4000 2100x4600 2500x3600
Machine min.feeder Size(mm) 450x760 450x750 450x760 550x900 550x900 550x900 650x900
Machine Max. printer size (mm) 1500x3500 1600x4000



2000x3400 2000x3800 2000x4200 2400x3400
thick of printer Plate(mm) 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2 7.2
Max. slotter Dep (mm) 560 750 750 750 750 750 850
Max. Thickness of Sheet(mm) 15 15 15 15 15 15 15

Machine size (LxWxH)


19852x6670x2700 15000x5200x2500 14000x4500x2300 20173x6670x2800 20173x7070x2800 20173x7670x2800 20495x6670x3000




General descriptions of the whole machine


1. Roller type lead edge feeder for precise feeding, long life and convenience.

2. Main transmission gear using high quality alloyed steel through chamfered and grinding treatment for precise and stable work.

3. Bearings are of Famous brand: NSK, HRB.

4. Key-free rings for high precise transmission to guarantee the correct registration.

5. Manual gap adjustment, convenient and quick.

6. Spray oil lubrication: each gearbox keeps oil for continuous spray lubrication.

Electrical auto control system:

7 .PLC control, auto sheet counting, speed indication, skip feeding, trouble alarming, etc..

8. Main electrical parts are of Siemens, main motor: Siemens.

9. Main machine start protection: no lock, no run, for wrong operation.

10. Motorized walk: motorized open and close, pneumatic lock. Motorized walk with continuous alarming to safeguard the maintenance technicians. Auto braking device to ensure printing unit non-movement.

11. Emergency stop: inside emergency stop on each unit to stop machine walking during maintenance.

Jumbo Corrugated Carton Folder Gluer Machine Inline Automatic Printer 0 

Jumbo Corrugated Carton Folder Gluer Machine Inline Automatic Printer 1


 Independent Lead Edge Feeder

Item Descriptions


1. Lead Edge Feeding system

1.Vacuum transfer lead edge feeder.

2.Back buffle and side buffle are all motorized adjustment.

3.Feeder sliding block is of aluminum structure to guarantee a more stable working with less vibration.

4.Sheet counting in touch screen.

5.Skip feeding for bigger sheet.

7.Pneumatic lift device with end chain-lock switch for convenient operation.

2. Machine open/cloe

1.Button auto control for machine open/close with alarm device to safeguard operators.

2.Pneumatic locking system, whole machine locked on fixed track by feeder main pneumatic cylinder.

3. Feeding roll 1. Endurable rubber-coated feeding roll to add use life.
4. Zero return device 1.Computer adopts zero return device with memory function to guarantee the same adjustment standard, auto adjustment of correct position to reduce the waste of boards.

Features of printing units


Item Features







1. Printing cylinder

1.Printing phase adjustment adopts satellite gear wheel structure, PLC control, digital display, 360 degree circumferential adjustment, stable start, correction positioning.

2.Grinded printing cylinder with harm chrome, with cross line and center line, for convenient cliché fixation and sticking, correct positioning and quick cliché registration.

3.Balance treatment, stable running, for high speed running.

4. Quick and convenient fixing system for the printing cliché.

5. Quick cliché change system to speed up the order renewal time.

6.Zero position device for printing cylinder for quick positioning of cliché change and correction, for repeated carton specification change. Foot stepping device for cliché fixation and dismantling. Phase micro adjustment.

7. Printing cylinder left/right movement distance: 10mm.

8. Diameter of printing cylinder: ø524mm,ø304mm(with cliché thickness)

2. Impression cylinder(ø156mm)


Impression cylinder gap adopts adjustable offset ring, with close structure, precise positioning, adjustment scope: 0-12mm.

3. Feeding roll

1.Up feeding roll: grinded and hard chromed.

2.Lower feeding roll: grinded, sand-frosted and hard-chromed.

3.Lower feeding shaft gap adjustment adopts offset ring with close structure, correction positioning, adjustable at 0-12mm.

4. Rubber roll




1..Steel pipe rubber-coated durable for longlife.

2..Super clutch and auto empty run device against ink dry.

3..Midheight grinding for high LPI big space printing.

4.. Rubber roll open/close adopts worm gearbox manual adjustment, with worm gearbox for gap adjustment with scale indication.

5. Anilox roll

1. Seamless steel pipe for precise processing, balance treatment for stable running, grinding and hard chromed.

2.Longlife running, anti-grinding and erosion, ideal ink transferring and controlling performance.

3.Pneumatic anilox auto elevation device and empty run device.

4.Speed difference between anilox roll and rubber roll for ink doctoring effect to increase printing quality.

6. Inking system

1.Single-way pneumatic membrane auto circulating pump.

2. Ink filtering net to filter the dirt for nice printing result.

3.Encased ink chamber.

7. Phase adjustment structure

1.Satelite gear wheel design.

2.Motorized circumferential adjustment, digital display, 360 degree run or stop adjustment.

3.PLC control, quick reach, convenient for cliché adjustment.

4. Manual gap Pressure adjustment for all units.

8. Printing cylinder fixed device

1.Electromagnetic braking structure.

2.When machine unit separates or adjust phase, braking system to control the running of machine units to keep original gear positioning point.

9. Printing cylinder fixed device

1.Electromagnetic braking structure.

2.When machine unit separates or adjust phase, braking system to control the running of machine units to keep original gear positioning point.



Features of slotting unit



Item Features
1. Slotting phase adjustment

1.High precision inverter to adjust the speed, 360 degree adjustment, quick time.

2.Phase zero positioning device to guarantee slotting position sameness.

2. Creasing wheel

1.Manual/motorized adjustment of creasing wheel and slotting knife head position through precise screw pole.

2.Creasing wheel down shaft, slotting knife down shaft adopt offset ring, close structure for precise positioning.

3. Slitting and slotting knife head

1.Blade thickness:7mm. Imported high quality alloyed moon-shaped saw slotting blades, high hardness, high endurability, high grindability.

2.Grinded and hard-chromed slotting shaft for stable running.

3.Manual adjustment of slotting knife head, creasing wheel and slitting knife head.

4.Auto detection device of slotting shaft circumferential position, auto record of the position and guarantee the position auto return.

5. Pre-creaser fixed before slotter.

6. Front knife and back knife seated on one shaft.


Features for Rotary Die Cutting Unit



Item Features



1. Die cutting mould cylinder( Down cylinder)

1.Die cutting cylinder is made by high quality steel, fine grinding, hard chromed.

2. Balance treatment to increase stable running.

3.Die cutting mould fixation screws M10, hole distance at 100mm at transversal direction and 18 equal units at circumferential direction.

4.Die cutting wooden mould thickness 13-15mm(five ply), 16-18mm(three ply).

2. Rubber mat cylinder(Down cylinder)

1.Mat cylinder uses high quality steel, grinding, hard chromed.

2.Balance treatment for stable running.

3.Rubber mat thickness 8mm, width 250mm.

4.Rubber mat cylinder mechanical rotary direction change 40mm distance movement structure, movement speed same as the machine running speed.

5.Manual adjustment of die cutting mould gap, adjustment range: 0-16mm.

3. Phase adjustment device

1.Satellite gearwheel structure

2.PLC and encoder control of die cutting phase adjustment for start and stop adjustment.



Auto Folder Gluer Machine

Jumbo Corrugated Carton Folder Gluer Machine Inline Automatic Printer 2

Jumbo Corrugated Carton Folder Gluer Machine Inline Automatic Printer 3




Auto PP Tape Binding machine


1. Fast speed. If supporting printing and box-gluing linkage lines, if you press 10 cartons per pack, the printer can open up to 180 sheets per minute, if press 20 cartons per pack, the printer can open up to 360 sheets per minute.

2. Quick adjustment It takes about 1-2 minutes to adjust the order, and the operation is simple and convenient.

3. High degree of automation The adjustment calculation adopts PLC, encoder, input number, one-key adjustment.

4. Low operating power of the whole machine The power of the whole machine is 2.2KW, and the operating power is 1KW.

Structure and composition

1. Conveying part The connecting part of the box gluer, nail box machine and baler plays the role of buffering, checking and connecting.

2. Snapping part: Snap the carton in the length direction and ensure that the carton enters the packing part neatly and smoothly.

3. Packing Department Realizes the function of packing the carton, and aligns and presses the width of the carton to complete the packing task

Item Origin Qty.
Bearings NSK, HRB ALL
PLC Siemens ALL



When it comes to packaging, carton boxes are one of the most commonly used forms. Whether you are a manufacturing company or an e-commerce site, you will need high-quality carton boxes to ship your products. This is where the Carton Box Making Machine Jumbo Automatic Carton Printer Inline Folder Gluer comes in.

This machine is designed to produce carton boxes of different sizes and shapes. Its jumbo size allows it to handle large production volumes, making it ideal for use in industrial settings. The machine is fully automated, so it can produce carton boxes consistently without the need for manual intervention.

The Carton Box Making Machine Jumbo Automatic Carton Printer Inline Folder Gluer is equipped with a high-quality printer that can print on a variety of surfaces. You can print your branding, instructions, or other information you want on the cartons. This ensures that your products are properly labeled and stand out in the market.

The machine can also fold and glue the carton boxes in a single operation. This saves time and ensures that the boxes are properly sealed, reducing the risk of product damage during transit. The inline folder gluer ensures that the folding and gluing operations are precise and consistent.

The machine comes with a user-friendly interface that allows you to set the production parameters easily. You can configure the machine to produce different box sizes and shapes, as well as adjust the printing and gluing parameters to suit your needs.

The Carton Box Making Machine Jumbo Automatic Carton Printer Inline Folder Gluer is highly efficient, thanks to its fast production speed and low maintenance needs. This makes it a great investment for companies that want to streamline their packaging process and reduce their production costs in the long run.

In summary, the Carton Box Making Machine Jumbo Automatic Carton Printer Inline Folder Gluer is a powerful and reliable machine for producing high-quality carton boxes. Its automation, printing capabilities, and folding/gluing operations make it a great investment for companies that want to enhance their packaging capabilities. Get yours today and enjoy fast and efficient carton box production!



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